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A Soft Touch feels so good with this basket of all things soft and forgiving. A breathing CD to teach you how to quiet the mind, Calm and Tummy Tea Blends for their mellow and soothing effects. Mist your space with Simply Lavender while experiencing the soft light of the Lotus candle.
If you have any special requests please list in the box below. Be sure to include all details, as well as your name and email. We can also put a personalized message inside the gift basket, free of charge!
Medium Gift Basket
Explore this affordable Soft Touch Gift Basket that contains (12) special items to encourage overall health and well being. Included in the basket you will find a 60 minute, 6 breath, learn how to breathe "Breathe with Purpose" CD. There are two specific 2oz. Calm and Sleepy tea blends. Both teas focus on being mellow and soothing. Put either one of the 6 honey sticks, crystalized ginger or papaya cubes in the tea. Use our exfoliant gloves to remove dead skin cells and to help move lymph. Then apply either the soothing aloe vera lotion or mist your body with the 2oz. Simply Lavender hydrosol. Finally experience the soft light of the Lotus candle. Give the gift of love in this new Natural Basket.
Basket Includes:
Breathe With Purpose CD
Calm Organic Tea Blend
Tummy Organic Tea Blend
Tea Cup
Tea Ball
Sweet Organic Ginger 5-7 Pieces
Organic Papaya 5-7 Cubes
Honey Sticks 6 ea.
Lavender Body Mist 2oz.
Aloe Vera & Cucumber Homemade Soap
Exfoliant Gloves
Pink Nail Brush
Lotus Candle
Natural Basket (7  x 7  x 5 )