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Start a Yoga Practice - Healthy Tips For Breast Cancer

by Diana Ross on 01/04/13

Ten Healthy Tips For Well-being
Tip One
Start a Yoga Practice
Gentle or restorative yoga poses can be very healing if done with care and awareness. Once you receive clearance from your doctor to begin exercise, a gentle or restorative yoga practice may be very healing in stretching the area of the incision, the calming down of the stress attached to the surgery as well as bringing the ROM, (range of motion) back to the entire area of the chest. Start with gentle restorative yoga stretching so you can develop an understanding or a heightened awareness of boundaries and limitation to the stretching.  No weight bearing in your arms in the beginning. Begin with simple movements with arms, and shoulders so that the ROM, (range of motion) occurs naturally. It might be felt as a slight pulling sensation but NEVER pain.  A Breast Cancer Yoga practice will strengthen the body, relax the muscles, calm the mind, speed healing and create positive emotions. The most important thing to understand when practicing yoga is that you will need to progress slowly; listen carefully to what your body is telling you.  Anytime you overwork your muscles you run the risk of the lymph fluid being backed up and causing pain and swelling.   Remember that YOU are responsible for your healing process and progress.

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