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Ujjai Breath

by Diana Ross on 02/20/12

Ujjai breath is a diaphragmatic breath. It fills the lower lungs first, continues to the mid then upper lungs, and finally the throat.  It is here, in the throat that the breath becomes audible. The air is drawn in and out through the nostrils and creates an “ocean sound.” This is because the air is drawn to the back of the throat and over the glottis creating friction and a “rushing” sound. Because the breath is heard, it offers feedback as to its quality of inhales and exhales. Ujjai breath brings focus to the concentration of the mind by listening to the inner sound. The benefits are many, for example it creates an inner calm, balances emotions, develops inward focus and subtly enhances energy, giving rise to invigoration. I use it when I feel an afternoon lull.

By: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500

Founder: Breast Cancer Yoga

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