Breathe With Purpose CD For Breast Cancer
Breathe With Purpose CD For Breast Cancer
The Source For A Complementary Holistic Approach To Breast Cancer
With our breathing exercise CD you will receive 6 breathing exercises for breast cancer recovery, stress management and cancer related fatigue. Each CD is 60 minutes with an introduction, benefits and 6 breathing exercises. This collection of therapeutic breathing exercises was created specifically for breast cancer recovery management.
Quiets the mind  
Reduces stress and anxiety 
Completes oxygen exchange
Cleanses blood of toxins
Balances the mind/
body connection
Develops concentration
Encourages healthy
 sleeping patterns
Stimulates an inner calm
Make better decisions
Manage Stress – Learn to Breathe
Deep breathing is vital in that it encourages the release of body toxins, rebuild healthy tissue which consequently increases overall energy. This true oxygen exchange stimulates digestion, assimilation and elimination. A very important function of breathing fully and slowly is that the body’s natural relaxation response is prompted. This relaxation response results in decreased tension, anxiety and fatigue. 
Breathe With Purpose CD For Breast Cancer