Breast Cancer Yoga Books - our first therapeutic yoga series for breast cancer recovery, lymphedema management and fatigue. All series will lead you to a clearer understanding on how yoga can replace unhealthy physical and emotional reactions to stress with positive and protective responses. You will learn to process feelings in a healthy way when they surface. Physically your body will begin to heal by using these selected poses, breaths, herbs and oils. Each book contains the benefits, purposes and results of yoga poses. When having both books you can create a wide variety of yoga practices, build up a breathing library.

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This breathing exercise book 
contains 5 breathing exercises with step by step instructions that will teach you how easy it can be to learn how to breathe properly. You will also learn that the quality of the mind is linked directly to the quality of the breath.
Breathing Exercises
Breast Cancer Yoga Books
Breathing Exercises Book
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Breast Cancer Yoga
The Source For A Complementary Holistic Approach To Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Yoga Books

Breast Cancer Yoga
Restorative Yoga For Breast Cancer Recovery
This is an unique restorative yoga therapy book for breast health and contains a wide variety of supported restorative yoga poses that use different yoga props.
Restorative Yoga Poses E-book
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