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Breast Cancer Yoga offers healthy lifestyle tools for breast cancer prevention and recovery with therapeutic yoga poses, breathing exercises that bringing together the mind, body, and spirit.

We offer support for breast cancer recovery and lymphedema managing with our extra gentle yoga DVD. You can now learn a wide range of poses specific for breast cancer and lymphedema.

Another aspect of a yoga is learning and practicing breathing techniques for fatigue and stress relief. Techniques include breathing through one nostril at a time and focusing on your breath as it enters your nose and fills your lungs. 
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The Source For A Complementary Holistic Approach To Breast Cancer
Research in breast cancer patients has shown that yoga can help breast cancer recovery.
Research shows that women taking yoga had improvement in fatigue, physical functioning, and quality of life. 
Special events are led by our own acclaimed registered yoga therapist Diana Ross.
Safe and nurturing yoga classes specifically designed for the limitations and side effects during your breast cancer recovery.
Props provide the support and/or height needed to do poses safely and effectively.
Our products help support development of new healthy lifestyle tools for breast cancer and lymphedema management.
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