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Breathing For Lymphedema
Studies & Research
Breathing is known to free and eliminate the burden of the associated stressors that come with worry, fear, anxiety, and depression brought on through the taxing and exhausting breast cancer treatment therapies. Yogic breathing and gentle poses assist the body to circulate lymphatic fluid through its network of vessels. Breathing is only one process that delivers oxygen to where it is needed in the body and removes carbon dioxide. Another important process involves the movement of blood by the circulatory system is in yoga the breath is combined with the movement; this will train the diaphragm muscles to work along with the posture. This both makes better use of the body's energy levels.

Yoga For Lymphedema
Studies & Research

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Breast Cancer Yoga
Breast Cancer Yoga
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Manage Lymphedema With Complementary Therapies
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Manage Lymphedema With Complementary Therapies
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