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By Cathylee
I am a cancer survivor. This DVD offers the best type of yoga for a someone in recovery. It is so gentle and relax's your body and your mind. Your living room will feel like your own yoga studio. Ms. Ross has an amazing way of guiding you through each pose so that you feel confident to go on to the next pose. It is simple enough for the beginner student as well as the more advanced student who wants a gentle class. At the end you feel like you gave yourself a wonderful gift. It is truly a restorative experience that should not be missed.

By Laura J. Caderas
This restorative yoga dvd contains all the yoga you need for body and mind. It will make you feel like you have been rejuvenated and relaxed, at the same time stretching all the important parts of the body. It is a reminder to honor your body and take the time to give yourself the gift of relaxation. You will feel powerful and relaxed all at the same time. Diana and her model provide the perfect atmosphere for an amazing yoga experience. Enjoy! BEST YOGA DVD OUT THERE!

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By Ceci
I have been doing this yoga for over ten years. It is relaxing and the breathing techniques are marvelous. Anyone can do this very gentle yoga - most of it is lying on the floor! Although it is specifically for breast cancer it is also very good for stress relief and back relief. It is good for all ages.

Natalie Palmer, Publisher of Pink Paper
Breast Cancer Yoga is a wonderful resource for all. If you've had a  breast cancer diagnosis you'll find what you need here. If you haven't had a diagnosis and are interested in prevention you'll also find what you need! The folks at Breast Cancer Yoga truly care and are committed to spreading the word about how to achieve and maintain optimum health.
By Jeannie Manzo, CEO of Say Hello Diamonds
First I’d like to start off my saying this is my first time every writing a testimony for anything either good or bad in my life.  Reason being that my life is always way too busy and with too much stress going on.  As I take a minute to breathe, I will explain.  As a child of abuse and a very serious dysfunctional upbringing, I have always had a tremendous amount of anxiety, fear and anger. The words relax, slow down, stop, enjoy, peace, breathe are words that never enter my mind.  My health has always been an issue for me.  I’ve had so many injuries, surgeries, including a heart condition and a heart procedure all by the age of 45.  I truly was convinced that I was dying. Then I met Diane at her restorative yoga class.  Diane began to teach me all about her yoga practice and  breathing techniques.   One day at my lowest point, Diane gave me her CD on breathing. I was going away to be by myself and I was very depressed.  I took the CD with me and began to use it.  Suddenly things started to look brighter, I began feeling happier, stronger both mentally and physically.  I noticed myself slowing down and not being in such a rush.  I noticed myself slower to anger and judgment.  I started repeating mantra’s I’ve learned in her class.  My headaches seem to go away, my heart seemed to slow it’s beat.  I began feeling happy again and laughing.  Now, believe me, I have been to every doctor you can think of, I’ve been on many different medications, but nothing has helped me like the breathing techniques that Diana has taught me.  It truly can change your life.  I am living proof that if you take the time to breathe, you will see so many benefits that can change your life and the people around you.  I will never stop breathing again…. J
Silvina Irwin, Ph. D.,  Clinical Psychologist
Thank you so much for your personal note - thank you for taking the time to 
reach out and let me know that it's shipped. I love your website and all the 
support and resources that you offer women with breast cancer.