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Breast Cancer Yoga
The Source For A Complementary Holistic Approach To Breast Cancer
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"The Calm Practice" is a convenient collection of all things that create inner quiet and an outer calm. We want you to start with a restorative yoga practice by doing the 60 minute, 10 select yoga pose specialized DVD. Sip either one of the 2oz. Calm and Sleepy tea blends which are specially formulated for tension relief and for encouraging restfulness. There is a beautiful tea cup, mesh tea ball and delicious honey sticks and crystallized ginger which are the perfect sweeteners. Start with the dry brush gloves, then take an invigorating and therapeutic himalayan pink salt bath for 20/30 minutes. Use your nail brush while bathing. All this will invigorate your entire well be-ing. Then you can either apply a soothing Lavender hydrosol spray or enjoy moisturizing your skin with Aloe Vera cream. Enjoy the lotus candle lighting while listening to the "Breathe with Purpose" CD for calmness. We guarantee you will feel a difference overall. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Breast Cancer Gift Basket The Calm Practice
Experience this all natural, organic and therapeutic (15) item Breast Cancer Gift Basket. This is the best large deluxe size gift basket. It is safe and has everything to inspire and encourage a healthy breast cancer recovery.
If you have any special requests please list in the box below. Be sure to include all details, as well as your name and email. We can also put a personalized message inside the gift basket, free of charge!
Basket Includes:
Yoga DVD
Breathing Exercises CD
Calm Tea Blend
Sleepy Tea Blend
Tea Cup
Tea Ball
Sweet Organic Ginger 5-7 Pieces
Organic Papaya 5-7 Cubes
Honey Sticks 6 ea.
Lavender Hydrosol Body Mist
Pink Himalayan Bath Crystals 8oz.
Exfoliant Gloves
Pink Nail Brush
Lotus Candle
Natural Basket (8" x 8" x 5")